Poetics of Thresholds



Poetics of Thresholds Statement

The Poetics of Thresholds investigates the relationship of the chair to the threshold space of the porch/verandah as a theoretical construct. The work explores the chair when placed on the porch/verandah as a social portrait, through its historical and social context. The chair’s context is developed through a series of scenarios that show the potentiality of its meaning. This is extended by examining the uses of the chair as a metaphor as well as exploring its continual relevant use as a symbol.


The threshold space of the porch/verandah with chair has become an area of interest through which to develop a contextual framework for my theoretical and conceptual ideas. This area of interest has developed through a process of walking around suburban streets of Sydney and Perth.

There are two hundred photographs linked under various headings and also split between two different Australian locations. Each photograph is linked to a piece of text referencing the heading.

The Poetics of Thresholds was orginally produced on CD-Rom and can be ordered from me by E-Mail.