2007 Midas




The project investigates the transition phase between gold and skin is based initially on a collaboration with Symbiotica and then with Nanochemistry Research Institute (NRI). The change in data that can be recorded of the atoms vibration in relationship to the transition phase between skin and gold will be gathered and archived to use for the main resource in the generation of the art work.


Midas project 2007 transformation of cell to gold. 1 in 5 frames
The Midas project investigated the trans-mediational space between skin and gold. Research for the project was conducted through the analysis of data recorded with an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The Midas project is analogous to the fabled Midas, King of Phrygia to whom Dionysus gave the power of turning all that he touched in to gold.
The Midas project developed in partnership with Kevin Raxworthy is a visual and sonic installation that amplifies certain aspects of experience at a nano level. The metonymic work is based on research developed at SymbioticA and the Nanochemistry Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology.

Nano cellular topography


Enter midas research

In these images I have place grown skin cells on to silk with the help of Bioteknica, Canadian contemporary artists Jennifer Willet and Shawn Bailey who were artists in residence
Skin cells grown silk at Symbiotica
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