Quantum Detective Series

A Quantum Trilogy – E-Books 99 cents US each.

The first Book of Ed:

Ed Eats a Pork Pie

Ed a former police officer, was set up for a crime he did not commit. Now released from prison, he is down and out until he finds a job through serendipitous circumstances, leading him to rediscover trust in his intuition. As part of his new employment, he is led down a path of intrigue as he attempts to get his old life and job back. Ed discovers that a company called Quantum Futures is experimenting with people’s consciousness and wants to learn more about what is actually happening. Volunteering as a test subject to be experimented upon, he starts to build theories about the company’s intriguing plans to explore the atomic connections between the quantum computer and the human brain.


The Second Book of Ed:

Ed Swiped His Phone

Ed is settling into his new life as a PI, modelling his image on a cross between Raymond Chandler’s Marlowe and Charles Bukowski’s Belane. Across his desk comes a case that requires his specific skills as a Quantum Detective. The stakes are higher than ever before and his entanglement with the technology more extreme and invasive. Ed’s power of intuition allows him to confront a major company who, along with the military, are utilising the confusion of time for their own ends. This situation merges with an old foe just as Ed is about to expose their goal of adjusting the public outcomes of real-world situations.


The Third Book of Ed

Ed Looks At Chaos

Ed’s long-lost daughter Victoria is trying to contact him. She has become immersed in a powerful computer game based on stolen code and designed to indoctrinate teenagers, and contacts Ed to rescue her.

But Victoria is the decoy, planted by the company to stop unidentified glitches in the system. They believe Ed, with his quantum capabilities, will be the solution to their problem. Ed starts becoming entangled with Victoria via their DNA, making him a compatible receiver of information from the game. Ed needs to find a way into the system to save Victoria, while at the same time finding out who runs this company which stole the original code from his client. Ed needs to become the first sub-molecular detective and destroy the system before it indoctrinates young minds.